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If you’re anything like me, there’s something that happens in that moment between that amazing idea popping in your head and getting in onto paper (or in a new doc on the computer). I’ve stopped fighting it (and losing amazing ideas!) and just talk into the memo feature on my phone, then upload it to Rev and have the audio transcribed in minutes! This works well when you’re out and about (you always have your phone with you) or wake up with an idea you don’t want to forget!


Nothing says unprofessional like a poorly written manuscript. Grammarly is the author’s best friend for those in-line self-edits, catching typos, subject/verb tense agreement issues, misspelled words and grammar issues. Do a spell check, of course, and run your work through Grammarly, 2-3 times, just to be sure you catch as many mistakes as you can.


How many times do you turn to your clutch word or phrase? You may not notice, but it is irritating to your reader. Use MasterWriter to help you find new and creative ways to replace those redundant words.

The Craft of Writing Course

This 5-week course is in intimate group instruction where I share my tips and tricks of the trade to help authors hone the craft of fiction writing. This course provides the structure and accountability, hands-on peer editing, and instruction designed to help authors develop a polished novel.

5 Secrets of National Best Selling Authors Webinar

This Free 30-minute Masterclass covers the 5 secrets national best selling authors live by in order to land on some of the most prominent best seller’s lists.