Victoria Christopher Murray


Tools to improve your craft. Here's your guide for navigating the wonderful world of writing.

Self-Editing Workbook

Self-editing is the process every writer goes through after they complete a draft of their written work. Use this comprehensive guide to help you check for things like grammar mistakes, continuity, spelling errors, typos, missing words, repetition, awkward sentences, passive voice, subject-verb agreement, clarity, misplaced modifiers, homonyms and get your novel agent-ready.

The Craft of Writing Course

This 5-week course is in intimate group instruction where I share my tips and tricks of the trade to help authors hone the craft of fiction writing. This course provides the structure and accountability, hands-on peer editing, and instruction designed to help authors develop a polished novel.

5 Secrets of National Best Selling Authors Webinar

This Free 30-minute Masterclass covers the 5 secrets national best selling authors live by in order to land on some of the most prominent best seller’s lists.

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