VictVCM20June13_boria is available to deliver the keynote address at your next event. With a degree in Communications, an MBA, and more than ten years as a published author, Victoria can bring a unique perspective to your next church meeting, woman’s forum, teen conference, or any occasion.

Discussion Topics*

The Tests and the Testimony

Victoria discusses her literary journey. She reveals how she became interested in writing, the steps she took to become a writer, the challenges she faced – especially as the first African American Christian fiction writer, and how she overcame it all and continues to live more than her dream – she lives her passion.

Dancing Through the Storm

On September 10, 2001, Victoria’s husband of twenty years committed suicide. In this presentation, Victoria discusses how just a month after that tragedy, she toured to promote her new book, JOY. “I was really glad to find out that I was who I always said I was.” Victoria reveals the scriptures she used to dance through this storm. How she relied on Isaiah 43:2-3. How she used the title of her current book – JOY – to be her focus during this time: John 15:11 (how joy is a command from Christ), Philippians 4:4. “I understood that true joy transcends the rolling waves of life. That joy is based on God’s presence in your life in nothing else.” This workshop is motivating for people who want to understand how to make it through any kind of trial.

Stepping out of the Box

After ten years in Corporate America and then ten years as a successful entrepreneur, Victoria stepped out of the box – where faith resides – and pursued her lifelong dream to write. In this presentation, Victoria discusses how to live on faith, how to give yourself permission to succeed and how to develop a plan to achieve your life dreams.

From Self Published to Best Seller

In 1997, Victoria self published her first novel, Temptation, and sold 9,000 copies in six months. Sixteen years later, Victoria is an author with Simon and Schuster and has more than 1,000,000 copies of her novels in print. For people who are interested in writing, Victoria reveals how she moved from being self published into mainstream. She discusses the framework of a novel, as well as reveals the pros and cons of self publishing versus mainstream publishing. This is an excellent writing workshop.

* Victoria will customize the address for your specific event.

Contact: Shida Carr (Publicist) or Yolanda Gore (Personal Assistant)

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