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The best assistance I’ve ever received with my writing were private sessions from a book reviewer at the Los Angeles Times. In under three weeks, she coached me through writing the prologue for my second bestselling novel, Joy. The valuable lessons I received under her coaching have stayed with me throughout my ten year writing career.

Now I am offering you the opportunity to be COACHED by me, Victoria Christopher Murray! Rather than sitting in a group workshop, these private sessions will cater to your unique questions and individual needs. Whether you want to focus on the tools needed to build a successful novel such as memorable characters, enticing plots, dialogue that pops, pacing that will turn your novel into a best seller…or focus on the publishing end of the industry in areas such as mainstream versus independent publishing, how to land an agent, and how to thrive in this digital era…..YOU SET YOUR AGENDA.

• Sessions are 1 hour
• Will be held by your choice of telephone or Skype
• You decide how far apart you want your sessions (a few days or every week)
• You set the agenda…not sure what you want…we can set the agenda together

  •  Two 1 hour sessions
  •  Review of a chapter of your work


  • Five 1 hour sessions
  • Review and complete editing of one chapter.

Limited space available. To sign up, complete the Contact Form  or email me at Please put “Coaching Sessions” in the subject line.

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