Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance

Genre: Adult
ISBN: 9781929642120
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About the Book

With all of the chaos, confusion, and uncertainty of life, we all need to know of the blessed assurances that God has for our lives.

Blessed Assurance is an enjoyable, empowering, engaging, and encouraging example of the everlasting truth that God can move us from heartache to healing, burden to blessings, depression to deliverance, and from trials to triumphs.

Fast-paced, witty, entertaining, and inspirational, the writings are modern day renditions of biblical stories.

In the short story, The Best of Everything, based on Hannah, you gain a better level of appreciation and thankfulness for what God has already done in your life, which will provide you with strength to endure in the midst of a crisis as well as give you patience as you await new blessings. Lust and Lies, based on Samson and Delilah, reminds us of the temptations of lust, the importance of honesty, the dangers of sin and the significance of repentance. Traveling Mercies, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, teaches us not to place limitations on how and through whom God may send a blessing, and our responsibility to help people whom we often do not know.

Baby Blues, based on Abraham and Sarah, lets us better understand the importance of timing, patience, and consequences of operating in God s permissive will versus God s perfect will for our lives. A Sprig of Hope, based on Tamar, acknowledges that tragedy, sadness and betrayal are an unfortunate part of life, and yet ultimately there is healing, restoration and happiness if you place your trust in God. Sword of the Lord, based on Jephthah, confirms that your past can t define you if you give your future to God and that everyone at some time or another needs to forgive.

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