Lady Jasmine

The beloved—and hated—Jasmine larson bush returns to battle her own past in a compelling new novel of love, faith, and shame from the Essence bestselling novelist. In Temptation, A Sin and a Shame, and most recently, Too Little, Too Late, Jasmine Larson Bush—a scheming, manipulative, man-stealing diva who was “saved” just in time to become a preacher’s wife—entertained fans with her conniving ways and acts of redemption. In Lady Jasmine, a desperate time from Jasmine’s past threatens the family and the future she worked so hard to build. In order to save her marriage with Reverend Hosea Bush, Jasmine was forced to reveal every secret that remained in her past to him—her real age, her real weight, her real shoe size. She thought she had told Hosea everything. But when Jasmine is blackmailed about a terrible truth from her past that she “forgot” to tell Hosea, more than just her marriage is in jeopardy. Determined to keep the life she fought so hard to save, Jasmine is willing to commit any sin, even murder, to leave her past behind her. No one can know the truth about the First Lady of City of Lights Riverside Church. No one can know that, beneath Jasmine’s veneer of a redeemed Christian wife, there lies a sinner—especially her trusting husband.


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Jasmine Bush returns (after Temptation, A Sin and a Shame, and Too Little, Too Late) when her father-in-law, Reverend Bush of the City of Lights at Riverside Church, is found shot and comatose. Jasmine’s husband steps up to the pulpit to take his father’s place, and Jasmine is in her glory. But a blackmailer with information from her past may cost Jasmine the reputation she has fought so hard to regain. Jasmine has a secret that she doesn’t even want her beloved husband to discover, and she will go to any lengths to keep that secret. VERDICT Realistic characters and a likable heroine make this title a winner for Murray’s strong following.